My wife and I originally wanted to purchase an already-built older home. That was in 2010. Every spring and fall we would venture out to see show homes during the seasonal parade of homes promotions. We looked at many new home builders during this period, and found many issues with finish details and prices which were out of our reach. In 2014 during the spring parade of homes my wife and I found a new Parkhill Homes bungalow with a walk-out basement in Oak Bluff. It was amazing, the attention to detail was incredible and the finish was far beyond anything we had seen before. We knew Parkhill Homes was going to be our builder of choice. We spoke with the people at the show home, their knowledge and expertise and most importantly their willingness to work with us removed all doubt and stress you might expect to endure building your first or any new home. With an elderly parent living with us, we needed amenities that provided safety and comfort for someone with mobility issues. Wider hallways and space in bathrooms to maneuver in a wheelchair were features with Parkhill Homes, and were not expensive extras. Lori and Derek worked hard to fit what we needed into our budget and make the entire project enjoyable and affordable.

When construction was completed, Parkhill Homes went above and beyond to get us into our new home. Parkhill Homes truly made our dreams come true. Every detail was just as we had wanted, there were no issues or problems; any concerns we had were addressed right away and dealt with beyond expectation. Now having lived in our new Parkhill Home for almost a year, the prevailing feelings we experience daily are of comfort and contentment. Many of our friends who have built or are building new homes with other builders have expressed grief and remorse during the entire process. I can’t over-state this clearly enough: if you have or are dreaming of building a new home you really can make that dream come true with Parkhill Homes. Lori and Derek, from the bottom of our hearts we thank you for everything you and the rest of the Parkhill Homes Family have done to get us into our new home.

Louis and Marian K.

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